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Boxer Stud Dog Resource

 DISCLAIMER: This page is intended to be a quick reference to assist in your search for a health-tested stud dog.  It is not intended to be the final authority on any dog's test results.  Please verify all information for yourselves before using a dog you see listed here.

A NOTE OF CAUTION: This page is intended to be a tool to facilitate the search for a health-tested Boxer stud dog.  It's important to remember that experts advise that we cannot safely remove more than 50% of the gene pool for all problems combined.  In a breed that begins by removing 20-25% of the gene pool for marking pattern alone, we must be very careful not to be over-zealous in our (commendable) quest for good health.  We should guard against narrowing the gene pool to include only those dogs with "perfect" results on the tests we have available.  This approach, while well intended, can inadvertently create a genetic bottleneck that will impact the immune system (cancer, allergies, auto-immune thyroiditis, etc.) while we try to improve in other areas.  We should be trying to improve our breed's health, but it needs to be prudently over time.

TO ADD YOUR STUD: Send me an email with your dog's information listed below.  I will do my best to get your dog added quickly.  Dogs must be over 12 months to be listed.

  1. Web page link or email that you want your dog's name linked to for contact

  2. Dog's registered name with titles

  3. DOB

  4. Plain or Flashy

  5. DM gene result

  6. Hips

  7. ARVC1 gene result

  8. ARVC2 gene result

  9. Holter result (this field is limited to either a "Clear" or the number of VPCs and year of the holter)

  10. Echo flow rate or you can use "Clear"

  11. Thyroid

  12. State dog is located in or you can use "Deceased"

  13. Availability "Frozen", "Fresh/Chilled" and/or "Live"

Any of the sort arrows may be used to filter by the header n the top/right to look up a particular dog.  ​An empty space means I was not provided the information.  It should not be taken to mean anything other than that. Stud dog owners: Feel free to email me added information if you would like your dog's information updated.

I am carrying on this list at Beth Pariseau's request. I would like to send my thanks to her for the time and contribution she has put into the information below.  I hope to be able to provide the same wealth of information she has to others.

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